Traditions of The Church Vs The Bible

God has exalted Mary in heavenly glory as “Queen of Heaven and Earth”. She is to be praised with special devotions.
The name of the Lord is to be praised for He alone is exalted above heaven and earth. – Psalm 148:13, God commands “you shall have no other gods before me”. – Exodus 20:3


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26 Signs Of The Soon Coming Of Christ

1. The Increase Of Knowledge Sign, 2. The Automobile Sign, 3. Radio And Television Sign, 4. The Atomic Bomb Sign, 5. The Hydrogen Bomb Sign, 6. [The] Earthquake Sign, 7. Sign Of The Sea And The Waves Roaring, 8. Signs In The Heavens, The Flying Saucers, 9. The Airplane Sign, 10. Sign Of The Fulfillment Of The Time Of The Gentiles… to be continued

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Are You A Catalyst Or A Sponge?

The catalystic Christian makes building material out of anything that attacks him. Taking complete responsibility for your life and affirming your power to choose means you stop blaming parents, friends, enemies and all of life itself for hurting you. Blaming is the narcotic of the sponge. Believing they have no choice is what permits everything to sop in. Self-pity is a cheap thrill that always destroys.

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Antichrist At Throne

Let the spirit of antichrist come. You won’t be moved, because you’ll be firmly established on the truth of God’s Word. You’ll be found in God’s house, worshiping from a pure heart. And your faith will overcome all that the enemy brings against you because Jesus sits enthroned in the temple of your heart.

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Calling For A Solemn Assembly

Instead of the hymns and music that normally accompanies their prayers, nothing could be heard except the sobs, the passionate cries for mercy, the loud, high pitched “howls” of the people and priests as they repented and mourned for their sins… as the priests beat their breast and cried out, “Spare the people O Lord.”

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Where Are We In Prophecy?

We will soon see a powerful wave of the Spirit flow through the Body of Christ, bringing us into a new spiritual dimension of restoration in these final days. Before Christ’s return, a wave of the Holy Spirit will come to bring total restoration to the Body of Christ, and will reclaim all the things that rightfully belong to us.

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Words of Life

According to the Word of God which is more accurate than medical science, controlling your thought life brings health to your body. Do you know that 87% of the illnesses that plague us today are a direct result of our thought life?

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