You Are The Generation Of Matthew 24

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September, 2008

Prepare the holy season with much joy, prayer and fasting. Prepare, my children for much is about to unfold and you fail to realize how soon. Prepare these last days of evil with much love, prayer and repentance. Prepare for the Almighty as he comes again to dwell in your midst.

Who will he find ready and waiting? Will you be like my shepherds of old? Will you come to search for me, like my three wise men, or am I to be rejected just like my mother and foster father were rejected and treated with coldness and indifference?

I speak many words to you, children. I have sent many heralds like my John in your time to prepare the way of the Lord and they too, suffer rejection, coldness and abuse from you who say you love me.

And generation, (oh) generation, do you still fail to see that I am speaking to you? I prophesied this generation to my apostles of old. Look around you, children. You are the generation of Matthew, chapter 24.

You have many wars, you have earthquakes and famines. You have great signs in the heavens above and in the earth below, but still you refuse to come to me and be healed of your erring ways. What am I to do with you? I have given you my all. It saddens me to think that I am an object of ridicule and shame in your eyes. I am Jesus, King of Kings, King of Mercy and King of Justice.

Return children for I have warned you – still you call disasters upon yourselves by your sin. I do not see the repentance that is needed. Make haste turn back now for you do not realize the seriousness of your actions if you do not.

I love you and bid you no harm only love, if you would begin to love me a little. I love you all, good or bad, for you are all my children. I died for all of you that none of you might be lost. I love you. Please believe this and change; I await.

Thank you, I love you my Jesus.

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