Seek My Face

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March, 2009

Come ye out from among her and be ye separate. Be cleansed. Be purified. Return unto me. Do not compromise my Word. I am calling you to walk holy and undefiled before me. Do not pollute yourself with a love for the world and its pleasures. Do not be carried away and follow after your own lust.

Seek my face – seek truth with your whole heart. Come to me. I will cleanse you, I will perfect you. I will separate you.

Feed upon my Word, for it will give you life. It will lead you, it will lift you higher and higher, it will provide a strong and sure foundation for your feet.

You will not stumble or be afraid but you will go forth from my presence clothed with my power. My glory will be upon you. All this will I do for my people who will humble themselves. Return unto me, and walk holy before me.

Receive the Word of the Lord. (- Hebrews 12:14)


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