The Evil One Has Claimed The Seat of Power

06/26 at 3:01 am 2 comments

Jan. 27, 2006

My children, I love you and I call you to come drink from this well of my love that never runs dry. The days are shortening now, my children, and soon great hardships shall be known on this earth. Mankind shall be brought down to his knees and he shall call out to his God but I shall not (be) able to help for all the warnings I have given are being ignored. Soon, my children, very soon, you will recognize these words; you will recognize all my words. Come follow me.

My prophets, my visionaries, and my seers, I address you and I ask you, why have you abandoned the words that I have already given to you?

I will tell you, my children, you run in fear of what this world will think of you. It matters little for you shall never gain the trust of this world, no matter how you try to please it. Do not forsake me, my children, renew your vows to me, renew your “yes” and take up your cross and follow me. Do not reject the words that I have already given to you. Do not allow the deceiver to take you away from me. He has been sent into this world and he shall deceive many. Do not allow him to deceive you also through your fear of what the world will think of you. I declare to you that you are mine and you are in great danger of being lost. Deny me before mankind and I shall deny you before my Father in Heaven, be warned little ones, you are in great danger. I love you.

Time is short now, my children, the evil one has claimed the seat of power and he begins the “Great Deception”. The changes have begun; if you are willing to take the time and look. Do not be swept away in this tide of unlove that is about to consume this world. I say, open your eyes and see what is happening around you. Take the time to look for yourself before you judge these words of mine. I love you.


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The Just Shall Live By Faith Seven Revelations Of The Holy Spirit

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  • 1. Chanell Coontz  |  09/01 at 10:25 am

    Observed your site via google the other day and absolutely enjoy it. Keep up this fantastic work.

  • 2. Md  |  10/29 at 9:38 pm

    God has given me a dream about this. Thank you God for confirming even more,


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