Time Grows Short

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May 2004

My children, the words that I have spoken are the truth, you must begin to live as I have asked you to live, all of you who are mine.

Each day that passes, you become more and more tainted. The Freemasons are feeding you their poison and I tell you these things because they will increase it, and soon, within only a short few months, they will begin their campaign against all of those who are mine. Fall back from the ways of this world, for you do not need them. It is like the world has become addicted to them.

My children, I do not take you away from your pleasures, only your poisons, for they are polluting your spiritual lives and you do not know it, that is why I am telling, warning you of these things. Why, my children, are you so incredulous when I call you away from the world? Why should it be difficult for you, if you love me? Look at your life and see my children, time is short and there is much to be looked at. Those who do it now and in truth shall come to know the truth and be freed by it.

I tell you again, that they are about to begin their campaign against me children and thus will begin the great persecution, when they will hunt you down because you do not conform to their ways. I tell you that there are and have been wars and rumors of wars and you have gone beyond this part. It is past the beginning of the end. Do not be blind my children, do not be blind.

Thank you Jesus, I love you.

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