Do You Really Want God?

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July. 2010

You have to want the compassion of the Lord; his vision for a lost and dying world at all times. Want his holy living, want God’s love, want his blood, and want the greatness of him. If you don’t, then you’ll want other things. How much do you want the blessings of God? How much do you want the joy of salvation? How much do you want healing? Does it bother you to have and kind of sickness or disease in your body? Are you content thinking you’re really blessed because you don’t have very much arthritis? Why have any? I don’t see in the Bible that God expects you to have and at all.

Well I have just a little growth; it’s not big. I can live with that. As long as you feel that way, why should God take the trouble to deliver you? You’d think, it was an accident if it fell off any way. You must want the things of God and become dissatisfied with anything less than what he has promised you. He promised you health, strength, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost; but you must want his love, his power, his favor and his smile; you must want his steps, the Jesus steps. You must want his divine will, his humility, want to be without spot, wrinkle or if you don’t want to make the great leaps with him from mountain to mountain, you’re never going to make them.

You have to want to come up out of the wilderness and enter this great spiritual land of Canaan a land of milk and honey. You must want his joy, his peace, want to be content in the Lord, want the vision of Calvary. The vision of the lost souls and evangelizing the world strive to gain ground daily, for as long as you are satisfied with what you have, you’re not going to receive more from the Lord. But if you forego ever onward, you can have more, desire God’s discipline and be yielded to it leave your life in his hands, saying, “Always let me know. Lord check me. If I act in any way displeasing to you, I want to know it Lord, don’t wait from someone to remind me; let your Holy Spirit remind me. I want to please you, Lord, in everything.”

When you please I want to know it, Lord. Don’t wait for someone to remind me, let your Holy Spirit remind me. I want to please you, Lord in everything. When you please the Lord in everything, then you don’t seek to please people.


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