Final Calls Before My Coming

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February 17, 2009

Come, listen to my calls. They are the final calls before my coming. I have warned you of what would happen if you did not change your ways but you have not listened and you have allowed self to control your desires. I have told you self is your enemy for self will listen to the lies of Lucifer and so lead you always from me. Look at the truth and begin to die to the desires of self and all truth will become clear to you.

I love you and call you in these words to listen before it is too late. Love, children, love all that you meet and allow all to see that you are a follower of mine and that I am alive in you. I love you and call you to listen to my words. I, your Jesus, love you.

You must begin to fight the things of this world. The more that you fight, the easier it will become and the more you will see and understand my ways. Do not give in to the temptations for the more that you give in, the more they will put before you and the more difficult you will find to fight. The more you fight, the easier you will find it to overcome. Trust me, children you are in a spiritual battle where the evil one wishes to take you away from me.

I love you, begin now and show this world that you believe in me. I, your Jesus, love you.

Thank you my Jesus, I love you.


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Live In God’s Will Live In One Hundred Percent Victory

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