Live In One Hundred Percent Victory

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April 12, 2006

Walk in one hundred percent obedience, live total victory:

Jesus humbled himself
Jesus submitted
Jesus obeyed

God wants to manifest himself through you in a greater measure then ever before. He wants you to be able to face the circumstances in your life with the confidence and assurance that He has already given you the victory. God wants to elevate you to a greater position in your spiritual life, so that you will be able to submit to the will of God in your life.

You may have tried in the past to walk in one hundred percent obedience to God, but you failed, you feel like, “What’s the use? I’ve tried to obey the Word. I’ve tried to walk as Jesus walked, but I failed, there is no need to try!”. You may be walking in rebellion, you have not been able to submit to those God placed in authority over you; it may be that some of you wives haven’t submitted yourselves to your husbands. You may not have submitted yourself to those in authority over you on the job. Others of you are walking in disobedience to God. God has spoken to you. He has shown you what He expects of you and what He wants you to do, but you have hesitated. You have put off obeying Him.

Today is the day for you to hear His voice as He calls you to repentance. Today is the day for you to humble yourself before Him… to lay aside your spiritual pride and earnestly seek His face.

God is waiting on you. Jesus is interceding for you by his Spirit, he is calling you now!

Right where you are, kneel down and begin to pour your heart to Him. He knows your heart, He understands your weaknesses. Recommit yourself to walk everyday in obedience to His will. As you do, God’s power is going to flood over you, He is going to lift you up to a new level of obedience and enable you to walk in victory over every circumstance in your life.

So you continually humble yourself, as you continually submit yourself to God… as you continually obey… God is going to command His blessings to come upon you. He will be an enemy to your enemies, He will exalt you. You will live in victory now and He will give you the ultimate victory over Satan!

Thank you, Jesus!

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