Come and Follow Me

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September, 2007

The call Jesus makes to you today is:
Follow me (in) the example I have laid out for you. Follow me in my obedience, follow me in my love. Follow me in my determination to do my Father’s Will. Follow me in my willingness to die. Follow me on the road of obedience to the Father’s will.

To follow Jesus and walk the road of obedience, you must have a “hearing ear” to hear God’s voice and know God’s will and when He speaks, you must be quick to respond and obey. To walk the road of obedience, you must be determined to do God’s will regardless of the cost. The driving force behind all your actions must (be) to do God’s will.

To walk the road of obedience, you must be willing to be obedient unto death. You must be willing to give up all claims to your life, your will, your desires. Your emotions must be lost (and) totally absorbed in doing God’s will.

To walk the road of obedience you must develop a wholesome fear of a righteous and holy God who requires one hundred percent obedience, you must have a fervent undying love for your Christ that will motivate you to follow Him in one hundred percent obedience.

God is raising up a people who are one hundred percent obedient to Him. He is going to reveal Himself to an obedient people in this final end time harvest. He is going to raise up an obedient people as mighty warriors among the nations of the world.

He is going to return for an obedient people! You have a choice to make, put yourself in the disciples’ shoes, if Jesus were to walk into your office on your job or into your home and say, “follow me”, would you unquestionably lay down everything and walk away from them in obedience to Christ? Would you be willing to give up your career, your possessions, your family… everything? Would you be willing to lay down your life for Him?

He may never require you to give up your family, friends, home, career, or your possessions; but you must be willing.

Would you be willing? If you are not willing, Jesus said you are not worthy to be one of His disciples. But, if you are willing and live your life in obedience to God, He will reward you with the ultimate victory over Satan… resurrection from the dead.

You may be thinking “What you are asking is hard. Is it really possible to have a day by day experience where I am walking in one hundred percent obedience to God? I don’t know if I can do it”. Yes, you can do it! Jesus came to earth in the form of human flesh and proved that it is possible!


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