Where Are We In Prophecy?

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July 18, 2008

As we have seen, the Word of God clearly describes the signs of the end time, but you may be wondering at this point, “Jesus, where are we in prophecy?” What are some of the things we can expect to happen in the future?

I believe we are living in the time Jesus described as the “beginning of sorrows.” What we have seen in the past few years; the false christs, wars, earthquakes, famines, and death – are only a glimpse or foreshadowing of what is yet to come! These conditions will continue to increase in intensity until they reach their full proportion. Four weeks ago, God revealed to me five major crises and five major waves of the Holy Spirit, which were coming.

(Five waves of Crisis)

Crisis #1 – A crisis of change as we enter the end time

God has shown me that we are going to face major crises in every area of our lives. These crises will be unlike anything we have ever experienced. People will be fearful and perplexed as they face problems and circumstances for which there are no natural solutions. We will experience such dramatic changes that people will find it difficult to cope with them, and they will find themselves in a crisis and a state of constant turmoil.

Crisis #2 – A crisis in the family

A major crisis of the family is already underway. We are reaping a whirlwind of rebellion, promiscuity and the breakdown of moral standards. Our schools have become armed camps. Gangs of delinquent youth roam the streets at night in many major cities. Divorce is on the rise.

Crisis #3 – The shaking of the Church

We will experience a major crisis in the church that will change it’s structure as we know it today. The true body of Christ will emerge and take on a new form. For a year, God has been speaking prophetically through me that we will see radical changes occur within the structure of the church. The true church of Jesus Christ will emerge out of the dry lifeless shell of man’s organization as the fully mature, powerful form God intended it to be.

At the same time, we will see a growing apostasy within the church. As persecution comes, there will be those who will compromise, be deceived and turn away from the faith. As the church continues to be polluted through compromise and sin, there will be a separation between the ungodly and the true saints of God who are walking before Him in holiness.

Crisis #4 – A worldwide financial crisis

A major financial crisis of worldwide economic upheaval resulting in the collapse of our monetary system. This economic crash will come suddenly, sending shock waves throughout the world and will result in a one world monetary system under a new one-world government.

Crisis #5 – A satanic confrontation of gigantic proportions

The Body of Christ will face satanic confrontation greater than any other time in history. It will be a time of intensified spiritual warfare, where demons will manifest themselves in direct confrontation with God’s people.

Five waves of the Holy Spirit

God also showed me that in the face of these five major crisis, there will be five tremendous waves of the Holy Spirit in these end times.

Wave #1 – A new wave of true holiness

A spirit of holiness, righteousness, and consecration is coming to the Body of Christ to prepare us for the Rapture. There will be no more compromise or hypocrisy. Emotionalism will be replaced by serious dedication. Structure as we know it today, the true Body of Christ will emerge and take on a new form. From time to time, God has been speaking through me.

Wave #2 – Great signs, wonders and miracles

A new wave of the Holy Spirit will come to the true Body of Christ and will bring us to a full manifestation of the power and glory of God. As the Body of Christ is brought through the fire, purged and cleansed and begins walking in true holiness before God, his supernatural power will be released through us in an even greater dimension than that of the early church.

We will no longer look back to the great signs and wonders that God manifested through Israel or the early church; and wonder why we are not seeing them manifested through us. We are now entering a time when God will manifest great signs and wonders through the Body of Christ that will be an even greater manifestation to the world than the ministry of the early church.

Wave #3 – True unity

True unity through covenant relationship, following a great sifting that will come in the church which will result in true holiness. There will be a move of the Spirit bringing the Body of Christ together in true unity. Members of the Body of Christ will come together in a new covenant relationship with one another. In this relationship, we will realize that our true family is composed of those who have been united together in the Spirit. We will be closer to each other than we are to our own flesh and blood.

Wave #4 – Divine wisdom and discernment

We will experience a manifestation of wisdom, wherein, our minds will be anointed so we can know the absolute, perfect will of God. It will not be a manifestation of man’s natural wisdom and understanding, but an impartation of God’s divine wisdom. When words of wisdom are spoken, people will know that this is the Voice of God, thus saith the Lord.

Beloved, the Body of Christ must have a spiritual breakthrough where our minds are anointed with God’s wisdom and discernment, if we are to face the coming crisis and fulfill the plan and purpose He has for us during this end-time harvest. There is no way we can meet the great needs the world is facing today or reach the thousands who are dying without God, if we are depending upon our own wisdom.

Wave #5 – A wave of restitution and restoration

This wave of restoration will enable us to experience total restoration in every aspect of our being, spirit, soul and body. We will rise up in a new authority to take back all that Satan has stolen from us!

We will soon see a powerful wave of the Spirit flow through the Body of Christ, bringing us into a new spiritual dimension of restoration in these final days. Before Christ’s return, a wave of the Holy Spirit will come to bring total restoration to the Body of Christ, and will reclaim all the things that rightfully belong to us.

We will come to the point of spiritual maturity where we grow into the full stature of Christ. Where Jesus in all his fullness is manifested in us!

Jesus I Love You,

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