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26 Signs Of The Soon Coming Of Christ

1. The Increase Of Knowledge Sign, 2. The Automobile Sign, 3. Radio And Television Sign, 4. The Atomic Bomb Sign, 5. The Hydrogen Bomb Sign, 6. [The] Earthquake Sign, 7. Sign Of The Sea And The Waves Roaring, 8. Signs In The Heavens, The Flying Saucers, 9. The Airplane Sign, 10. Sign Of The Fulfillment Of The Time Of The Gentiles… to be continued


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Antichrist At Throne

Let the spirit of antichrist come. You won’t be moved, because you’ll be firmly established on the truth of God’s Word. You’ll be found in God’s house, worshiping from a pure heart. And your faith will overcome all that the enemy brings against you because Jesus sits enthroned in the temple of your heart.

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Words of Life

According to the Word of God which is more accurate than medical science, controlling your thought life brings health to your body. Do you know that 87% of the illnesses that plague us today are a direct result of our thought life?

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Foreshadowing of The End Times

There is no defeat for the Christian as long as he doesn’t retreat. God wants to raise you to a new level of victory greater than you have ever known. Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you how you can walk in new victory over your circumstances.

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The Lord’s Prayer

“Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”: Protect us from all harm and keep us pure from sin caused by the evil one so that we may live in the oneness and purity of the divine Holy Trinity.

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The Evil One Has Claimed The Seat of Power

Time is short now, my children, the evil one has claimed the seat of power and he begins the “Great Deception”. The changes have begun; if you are willing to take the time and look.

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Hear The Voice Of The Spirit

God is giving us our marching orders! God is revealing his end time plan for a two fold purpose:
1. To let you know that you will escape these judments if you will remain faithful to Him.
2. To blow the trumpet in Zion. To warn those who are lost without God. You must begin to act upon the revelation God has given you.

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