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Blocking God’s Blessings

The enemy will try to use your past to influence your actions and responses. He will try to paralyze you with fear and shame, but when you choose to forgive those who have wronged you and release your past to your Heavenly Father’s loving care, you can walk in freedom.


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We Are Going To War

God has been chased from our public schools and replaced with a homosexual agenda. The courts have turned against our spiritual heritage with case after case prohibiting prayer and public display of faith like the Ten Commandments.

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No Longer Want To Be A Sinner?

I am on the road to a new life and better health because of God, my Source

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You Are The Generation Of Matthew 24

I love you and bid you no harm only love, if you would begin to love me a little. I love you all, good or bad, for you are all my children. I died for all of you that none of you might be lost. I love you. Please believe this and change; I await.

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